[APP][Pro] Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey

All Homeys should have SDK3, also all older models (if updated).
So yes, it will keep working.

And it must: after 1 jan 2023, all SDK2 apps will not be in the store anymore to download, thats why everyone needs to switch to sdk3.

But as far as i kinow, all devices are then supported (and will run more smoothly after bugfixing).

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ok misunderstanding on my part. what everything an app is removed from the app store does it still remain on your homey?

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Athom can not remove an installed app from your Homey, so it will continue to run as before.

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That is nice.
So if I put old homey in satellite mode with a new homey. I can still use old sdk2 apps. that would be handy.

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I also guess that the satellite mode is only possible with the Homey Bridge, isn’t it?

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Here Dirk, Satellite mode!: [Vote] Feature App: Connect 2023 to Old Homey for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource - Apps - Homey Community Forum

Do you want to test it also?

Got it working nicely already :wink:

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@HuisCHovens keep in mind Homey backup does not store the actual apps, but it only stores links to the app store.

When restoring a backup, it downloads the latest stable app versions.
So, if SDk2 version is gone, SDk3 version (if available) gets installed. Otherwise, you just lost the SDk2 apps, and the wait can begin…
Many apps are on Github or the like, download or fork the apps a.s.a.p. so you always can install them via CLI


If you have a new Homey for me, for sure. :wink:

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Ah, i thought you had a second Homey. :wink:

Ahh, no… :wink:


SDK3 rewrite is in TEST.

Alright, who wants to test the Chronograph TEST version | Homey for SDK3?

btw, i have 88767 error counts in my develop log for this app from other people. I guess this app needs some work!

I have not resolved any issues, because i first need to make sure the transfer to SDK 3 is allright, before is start bugfixing.

I hope some of you will install the test version and let me know if all works as it did before.

I personally do not have this App in full usage, only a few simple timers.

So, whoever uses this app much, please let me know if all works fine!


That’s quick again, Arie.
I use it in lots of flows (both type flows), installing it now.
The live version often says “this app stopped unexpectedly”, while it is not paused, and all timers just keep working.

I’ll send a diag when it stopped next time.

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Fine, but i already have many logs :stuck_out_tongue:
There are some simple issues.

But i dont wanna mix sdk3 transfer bugs and already existing bugs.

But if/when you can confirm the 1.2.0 works correct, i sure ill get to the bugs.

Hi Arie,

As far as I can see and tested:

  • Timers, Stopwatch & Transitions work OK

  • The running/paused/stopped Timers/Stopwatches/Transitions aren’t shown anymore at app config/app settings.

  • Adding a Chronograph device:
    Select a device screen results after a while in “error: Callback is not a function”
    (I normally don’t use Chronograph devices)

  • v1.2.0 did not stop unexpectedly yet
    But I did not log how quick or with which intervals de previous version errored

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Okay, ill have a look at it tomorrow.

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Okay, Version 1.2.1 in Test now: Solved, Solved and Solved.

No bugfixing yet :wink:
(Really need to keep the urge to change things around :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am so sorry, i couldn’t resist, there were just a few very clear issues/bugs. I just solved a few.

It’s in test now: 1.2.2.

If people have further issues with Chronograph: I’ll only react/respond/solve issues generated with the SDK3 version (because thats the only one i can really bugfix and allready have gbugfixed a little).

Let me know if all works wel please, let’s get it bugfree and Early 2023 ready!


Never apologize for fixing bugs :crazy_face:
I tested v1.2.3, it looks like te original app again, I can’t see any odd things, and everything works as expected.
Many thanks for updating this app!

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Your welcome!

I would love to get the same response from other users: The Test version works as excepted.
If i get a few more responses, i’ll put it to the review by Athom.

Thanks for the update!
No issues here on v1.2.3, using a few Timers/Stopwatches.

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