[APP][Pro] Broadlinkred App

Thanks, I managed to install HCS and Broadlinkred on my Homey. I also found my RM4 with the IP address, but I don’t t understand how to use the app. I can click on “Learn RF command” but nothing happens …

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Has anyone here managed to program RF commands in Broadlinkred and run them om a RM4 Pro via homey?

Same problem. Was hoping that this app from the HCS would work better than the official one, but I cannot figure out how to teach it the commands. Nothing happens at all.

It still works well here. I also have the rm4 mini. do you see rm4 in Homey ?
And have you also configured in broadlink mobile app ? also I can only add IR commands.

Yes I can add it to Homey and I can see it there.

I´ve configured it in the Broadlink app and everything works fine there

that is nice.
Strange that it doesn’t work with Rf

@Pieterv123 Can I check if this app works with an RM4 Pro learning 433mhz RF commands ? Just wanted to be sure before I go and purchase one. Or would I have better luck looking for a RM pro plus to use with the official app?

No it will not work.
I don’t use the app anymore.

Actually the app needs a little bit extra code to make the RM4 work, so if someone wants to change this, contact me

Hi @Pieterv123 , may I ask you, do you plan to bring your Community version to SDK3 eventually ? I think you might be the only chance for Community, the developer of original app (I guess) is not responding unfortunately … thank you.

I don’t think I will update the app to sdk3.

It would take me a lot of time as I am not skilled enough to reprogram this.

The community app differs only from the original with 4 lines of code.

I am sorry, the home assistant version and homebridge version are quite good

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Thank you for your honesty and reply, I appreciate.

Too bad the other Broadlink app isn’t Homey Pro 2023 compatible too… :frowning:

You could always try yourself :slight_smile:

If only I had the knowledge… :wink:
It was not in any way meant to persuade you into updating it after all. I really appreciate your hard work.

Do hope the other Broadlink app is getting updated to SDK3 then.
Or would you be willing to transfer the app to another developer who want to do the update?
If it’s really only 4 lines of code, that developer can be found eventually… :wink:

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Can you transfer it to me so I can do the upgrade and make it work for RM4? ( and give me some hints what the 4 lines are)


There is not so much to transfer, as I don’t have the app in the app store.
the code is here:

The original is here:

The new devices, Broadlink red, need an extra code to be send before the usual code to work.
I changed this in the file /lib/communicate.js

Old broadlink device:

	async enter_learning() {
		var payload = new Uint8Array(16);
		payload[0] = 3;
		await this.send_packet(0x6a, false, payload);

New broadlink device:

	async enter_learning() {
		var payload = new Uint8Array(16);
		payload[0] = 4;
		payload[1] = 0;
		payload[2] = 3;
		await this.send_packet(0x6a, false, payload);

For IR this applicable for:

  • enter learning
  • check IR data
  • send IR/RF data

RF I didn’t change, as I don’t have a pro device


Any news on taking up the Broadlink app eventually, @Monique_Jilesen? :smiley:

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