[APP][PRO] Blink for Home

With all the updates and no problems (I know from), the app got pushed to stable version 1.0.0 some days ago.

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New test version: 1.0.1

Athom decided to hide flow action with existing result token (for AdvancedFlows) in standard flows, even th the action is implemented to work in both versions.
So I had to add a second action card for standard flows without flow token. This way, this action can be used in standard flows again.

In AdvancedFlows, you will see both actions, one with flow tags and one without.

The actions are doing the same - creating a snapshot.
With th eforst one, you can use the image directly in your AdvancedFlow in a following action (send push message)
With the second one, you can create a snapshot and react in the corresponding trigger event to send a snapshot.

Testversion 1.0.3 adds a possibility to store motion alert videos on a SMB share (Cloud and local storage).

The motion alert trigger has a new technical tag providing the video ID of the motion alert related video.
This tag is present in the motion alert for the account and camera devides. So you can react on all motions alerts (using the account device) or on events on specific cameras (using the camera device).

This video ID can be used to store the video using the new action card:

Use the video ID tag in the action card. Use the camera name tag if you want to get filenames including the camera name (ensure there are only filename compatible charaters in the name). You can leave this field empty or just insert a text you want to have in the filename.
Using camera specific trigger, you can store videos in camera specific folders using a separate SMB share/folder in the action card.

Example: stored video file with camera name:

Reading cloud videos ist very stable. But reading videos from SyncModule could result in http errors if the SyncModule is handling other requests. For this case you can add en error handling in your flow - perhaps try three times and make a timeline message if this was not successful.

Testversion 1.0.4 adds a trigger for a recorded liveview video. This does not activate the motion alarm. You can use this trigger to upload liveviews to a SMB share as described in the last post.
Liveview recording is only possible in the Blink app on your mobile with an active cloud subscription.

Hint for flow triggered video recording:
If you are using the camera flow action to record a video, the video gets recorded by the camera as if triggered by movement.
This will result in a motion alert including the activation of the motion alarm capability of the camera device and the triggering the motion alert flow trigger. So you don’t need a new flow to record such videos to SMB.

is it possible to add support for the doorbell? thanks

possbile yes. But I don’t own a device (no usecase), so I would need a device or at least access to a Blink account with a assigned doorbell to determine the API Urls with a network sniffer - the API is not official or documented.

Edit: I found some URLs in the web. Seems to work like a outdoor camera. So all finctionality of battery cameras should be possible. But please note, that not instant alarm on button press will be possible. The motion alert is only possible based on new videos. So you will still have a time lag like now for all other cameras.
But for test I still need access to a device/account…

if you want i can send you my credentials in private…