[APP][Pro] Better Logic Library - Just some better logic, variable and library management

Please share you flow?

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Thanks for your replay!

At this moment, I just have a ‘calculate numeric value as’ {{ 0+(‘‘124:00’’.split(‘’:‘’)[1]) }}

The ‘numeric value’ in homey → variabelen will be ‘empty’ when running this flow card. The app is crashing when opening the corresponding value in the list. I think that I make a mistake in taking over the symbols or something like that. But did not managed it to get it working :see_no_evil:

And with other ’ marks also the same problem

{{ 0+(‘‘124:00’’.split(‘’:‘’)[1]) }}

This is the error I get.

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Hi Ranney,
Never use fancy (cursive) double quotation marks in code.

  1. Screenshot_20231226-180931_Chrome

You used two different types as well, probably two fancy single quote marks:
2. Screenshot_20231226-180952_Chrome

Always use the standard straight double quote mark like: "
Also note, two single quote marks as a pair isn’t valid, only use the double quote mark symbol.

Also carefully watch for whitespaces, as shown in the error msg:

The (damn) autocorrect on phones/tablets can cause many unwanted issues when coding
Turn it off.

Okay, Ranney, this should work, just copy/paste it into your flowcard:

{{ 0+("124:00".split(":")[1]) }}


You can also play and test with the [time] tag for instance:

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Many many many thanks! It is working great now!
(And sorry for my late response. I had some serious issues with my homey. (SQLite Database corrupt errors). After some troubleshooting I found that my EMMC was not working correctly. Just replaced the CM4 module and as far as I can see now is it working fine again.) Now including nice remaining time information for my bosch devices. Thanks!

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After the latest update with the test version (3.4.12) I get an error when saving flows with BLL in them.

Invalid format for arg 'boolean_value' expected '[[tokenId]]' but received 'true'

It was solved by going back to the original version.


Okay, it’s resolved in the new testversion.

I changed the valuetype of the Set [variable] to [yes/no] from a dropdown containing true/false to a checkbox, so you can use a boolean-tag. However, during testing, it showed to be working correctly for me.

But i have changed it back for the flowcard and deprecated that flowcard.
I have created the same flowcard as new, with a checkbox. It looks the same, except that it allowes boolean-tags to be used.

It’s in test now.

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I can confirm it is solved now.


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is it possible to use BLL variables I created in the App in a function that I create? If so, what is the syntax? I could not find any example. I tried it with $ before the name and before and after the name and with just the variable name, but always get an error.

Kind Regards,

When I try to used a tag, with date & time, for have only the time for a variable I get error and wrong time stamp.
So I try it with putting directly date & time data in the card.

It seems to me that the conversion is not what we used here.
An 29th month is strange and the time get 2 hours extra.

In the BLL app configuration I see nothing strange there.
Is there an other place to set the right date & time settings

This morning test with 01-03-2024 09:58:03 gives 10:58:03. So 1 hour wrong.

Unfortuantly, this is not (yet) possible, because it will be interpreted as English date.

For this example, you can better do this:

  • Use a Execute [bll expression] as Tag flowcard
  • place this in the field:
"01-03-2024 09:58:03".split(' ')[1]


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Thanks, it’s working also fine with a date Tag on the spot. :+1:

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OK, big learning curve here. Have to learn BLL, BLL expressions etc. to commence learning Advanced Capabilities. So as I am trying to create my first AVD I need to create some BLL variables. Here is my attempt to set a string depending on it’s value to be displayed in the AVD. Not sure yet but I probably could define the expression in the AVD. Either way it needs to work and this one doesn’t. Even though SellPrice_N is an existing BLL variable this card fails as SellPrice_N is not defined. Is there a way to define it (let SellPrice_N) or have I done this completely wrong?
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 3.27.32 pm

I have a problem with BLL every now and then when I open the app settings. I do not see any variable. The flows are not working with the variables. I created a diagnosis report ce4a6612-2bd9-485d-99dd-a91d1d3c771f.

To get it to work i have to restart the app.
Happened about 5 times already

I reboot homey every night.


@Ron_Meijsen Maybe as a workaround you could try to restart the BLL app about 20 minutes after you have restart the Homey.

Can you create a ticket for it? Thanks.

And do you have the hp2023nor older models?

And does the bug only start after a homey restart?
Or also just during the day or anything?


I would if I know where to create a ticket. When i go to bitbucket i can only look at issues.

I have an early 2019 pro.

I do not know when it happens. At one point during the day i just find out that flows with variables did not work.

To find out if it happens after reboot i could create a flow that uses a variable and when that card errors i write to the log.

I will try that.


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Hi Ron,

I guess you’ll have to login, or create an account & login

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Have I missed something lately? many cards are missing owner name is that bad?
I think it still works?


It’s not app specific, Athom is aware

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As far a I can tell the problem has been resolved with the latest upgrade. The downside is that you have to replace each card with this error. So for example if you have a card with set Hue scene for a zone with this error you have to replace the card with a new card set scene for zone xxx