[APP][Pro] Better Logic Library - Just some better logic, variable and library management

Which button would that be?
Like ( in the 2.0 mobile app ofc) clicking on apps/better logic/configure app?

sorry, yeah the 2.0 app
when you fill out the variable name, type & value, and you push the “add variable” button nothing happens
also does not matter what type I select nothing gets added

What OS are you using? Works fine for me on Android 9.

Android 8 I think, but the issue was with the app, I installed the 1.0.3 version from github
and that sorted the issue (thanks)

Are we talking about the same app, since Better Logic is 1.0.2.

sorry 1.0.2 version,
it was not in the appstore yet

There’s currently an issue where new variables can’t be used in flows immediately. You can work around this by restarting the Better Logic app. Know what the problem is but did not figure out a solution yet.

Hi all,

Does this rewrite for version 2 already include support for Homey Insights?

My http calls to set better logic variables do not work anymore.
Are the http API’s for GET and PUT being changed in Better Logic 1.0.2 on Homey 2.0?
If yes, where can I find the new documentation?

@Matthias: insights are still failing: https://github.com/athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues/issues/39
@Dinant: Planning to look into it soon. Been busy fixing tags not showing up and the numslide device being stuck at range 0 to 1 :expressionless:

Hmm I spoke too soon, on v_1.0.2 i can no longer create new variables nor view the already created ones
(restart of the app did not work)

Hello Everyone =)
Im trying to use better login in the “Then” area to set a variable but im not able to enter any name,when i click the name section im only presented with a search function that doesnt find anything.
And you are not able to save the variable unless a name for the variable has been given.
Please have a look at it =)
//Daniel Gross

Maybe tell us what version of Homey u are using, what version of the Better Logic app u are using and tell us if u did create the variable first in the settings of the app?

Im using firmware version 2.0 appversion
Tried both the latest stable and beta.

Couldnt see settings to the app anywhere and i think i have seen other mention this is the forums aswell with missing settings in version 2.0

Thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:

Then i take it ur using version 1.0.2 of the Better Logic app? Just because version 1.0.0 is working like it should? Just trying to help ofc.

I dont know id there was a huge delay but now
im actually able to
see the app in the meny :slight_smile: now im going to try and create the variabels from there :grinning:

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When using Betterlogic in the when-card of a flow and adding two tags, the flow does not get triggered. Known bug or do you need more details?


Please specify what card you use and what you did to set two tags.

This is what I did:

die you try adding the vars without the , comma’s