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Hi everyone and @Arie_J_Godschalk
Please help!
Was really happy over the last few years with Better logic. Since recently (?) it must have changed into Better Logic Library and the interface has also changed?
Alle of a sudden all my variables etc are gone when I go to more, settings, better logic library. So a lot of flows depending on these aren’t working now anymore…
Did I miss something? And more importantly, can I get my variables etc back, perhaps only for a brief time so I can migrate appropriately?

Restary the app? All variables schould still exist.
Nothing in the datamodel has changed.

Are the variables gone in the app settings or are you only missing the tokens in flows?

Yes that brought them back! Thx!!
Let’s see if the flows will be working again as well now.

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Use the BLL Expression card and it will give a token:

date('shorttime', now+(90*60000) )

If you need it in a variable, use the Set Variable to BLL Expression flowcard.

perfect - that’s exactly what I was looking for. short the “command” for the calculation. a very big thank you :slight_smile:

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hi @Arie_J_Godschalk another question. Recently when testing / running flows that do something with BLL, it always return this message “Flow Card not registered (type: action, id: increment_number_variable)”. See screenshot as well. Could you perhaps tell me what is going wrong here?
These flows used to work perfectly for a very long time.

Is this with only this flowcard or all flowcards?

All flowcards that do something with BLL.

Did you try a restart of the app?

Did that, which helped. But 1-2 days later, the same happens again.

Send me a diagnostic when ot happends again please?

this app has become somewhat unreliable over the last 1-2 months.
all flows using the app stops working, and when you try to access settings it either loading forever, stopes loading with an error.

need to restart the app before it’s working again

sometimes the issue also occurs after homey planed restart.

it’s very nice app to have and use, but after the last major version stability is not god.

When this happends, can you send me a diag before restarting the app?

EDIT: I am assuming the Diagnostic was from you; did you send that after your restarted the app or before?
Because that log shows me the app started correctly.

Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk it happened again. Here’s the diagnostic report id 3efc9cb9-539a-420d-9a7b-16a1b774dcb7
This report was created after rebooting the app. Before the reboot all variables in Better Logic were gone, making the corresponding flow to become erroneous. See attached screenshots.
Do you know what causes this?

It seems it doesn’t load correctly.

Variables are recreated based on flows, they are never really lost, the are just not loaded, just like the flowcard-handlers.

Thanks for the diagnostic, it indeed is showing errors!
This gives me something to work with!

An App restart should fix it for now, or even reinstall (vairables that are used in flows are recreated).
I’ll have a look (beginning of) next week!
It’ll be the first think on my list!

Thanks @Arie_J_Godschalk that sounds awesome!
This particular flow activates my house’s sun screens and we (and our plants :potted_plant: in particular) we’d be very happy if the screens keep out the strong sun again. Right now they’re :fire: away! :slight_smile:
So: looking forward to your fix! :+1:

Does it gets temporarily fixed by an app restart?

Correct. It fixes it for a few days or so (i don’t always notice immediately when BLL crashes) and then I have to restart it.

BLL expressions within any text (variable)

I am having more and more fun with BLL.
The below was not obvious to me so I share here the power of the BLL card “Set variable to text”.


This means you can add one or more texts and BLL expressions into any text variable, pass the variable to a central flow where you process it with a single BLL card.

This saves (me) several formatting cards in various flows.



  1. Can you improve the result for 0 and negative input to the time() function?
    Currently the expression is not parsed and leaves the formula.
    Example with 0 or -120 as input:
    Remaining time {[time(“hh:mm:ss”,1000 * 0)]} => Result: Remaining time {[time(“hh:mm:ss”,1000*0)]}
    Remaining time {[time(“hh:mm:ss”,1000 * -120)]} => Result: Remaining time -1:-2:-120

  2. Time() timeSec input as seconds does not seem to work unless 0 ms is used as an input for timeMs:

  • time(format, timeMs?, timeSec?)
    timeSec input:
    60 seconds is {[time(“hh:mm:ss”,0,60)]} => Result 00:01:00
    60 seconds is: {[time(“hh:mm:ss”, ,60)]} => Result {[time(“hh:mm:ss”,60)]}
    timeMs input:
    60 seconds is {[time(“hh:mm:ss”,1000*60)]} => Result 00:01:00