[APP][Pro] Asus WRT

Unfortunately restarting the AsusWRT app multiple times didn’t help… :frowning:
After that I also updated Homey to v8.0.4, so a restart of Homey was performed as well.
Tried to restart the AsusWRT app twice again in the pas few minutes, but no luck either. Sorry… :frowning:
I sent you a diagnostic report, hope that helps a bit?

Ehm, sorry, not sure what you mean here. When I tap (i.e) the icon for the total of connected devices, nothing happens other than showing how long ago the value was updated. That is the same for all icons…

If you go to settings of the device you are able to select a ‘status indicator’, there are now a couple of options to display there.

For the capabilities, thanks for the report, I’m not seeing anything strange so that is unfortunate. Re-adding your device is a solution for now.

I will look into the capability stuff because I can’t update the app to 300 users now and ask them all to re-add the devices.

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Ah, thanks, now I get it! :wink: That works indeed. Nice!

Will wait for another update about the capabilities then. It’s not such a big problem for now that some items are shown twice.

Thanks for your work and reply!


Just found this app a few days ago and really like the possibility to use phone connected to router as a trigger for arming/disarming a home security system.

I did a test flow that monitors when my iPhone is connected to my Asus router and sends me a notification when it’s connected and disconnected.

This was a bit disappointing since it turns out that my phone disconnects (and immediately connects) now and then even when I’m just sitting still in front of the TV. If I move around the house it happens more often.

According to the wifi symbol on the phone I have strong signal everywhere, even in my garden…so this should not be a signal issue.

One thing I’m thinking of is that I have a mesh system with two Asus RT-AC86U and maybe the phone jumps between the two and that triggers the “Went offline” and “Came online” cards?

Anyone that have experienced the same thing?

Creating an automated arming/disarming of a home security system using this method would not be that good since the burglar alarm would be triggered by myself when I’m home! :laughing:


Great that you found the app, but I don’t think you have an issue with the app itself, but with your Iphone.
The router always returns all devices connected to the network, so it shouldn’t be necessary to check each access point if the device roamed to that device. As of right now, I have a trigger on my main router with ‘went online’ and ‘went offline’ to check if my phone is in the house, but I see that my phone is connected to one of my Access points at this moment.

But, if you think I’m wrong, you could do something like this and check both your main router and access points if you can find the device over there:

I am still figuring things out regarding the capabilities (and also holiday stuff) so it took me a little longer but a new version is coming soon, hopefully before october.

No problem, hope you enjoy(ed) your holiday!

Thank you for your answer!

In the app I only see my main router, the mesh-router does not appear. Maybe this is my issue?