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Yes he can.
But see below.


As we know, the Alexa app is working beautifully now. It is several days between that I get disconnected.

However, it does occur and therefore I assume that it is not due to the Alexa app on the Homey, but rather something at Amazon?

Would any of you know if there is some set time for renewing credentials, or if one could enable extra “long” credentials for Alexa for homey, or if there is some system maintenance that I should do to prolong the time between disconnects even further?

For instance, perhaps many of you restart Homey every night and do not have this issue at all?

Once again I want to emphasize how much I like the Alexa app, but I also want to understand why I sometimes (silently) get disconnected.

Very interesting that you still get periodically disconnected. You do not get any errors? There is now and on error trigger in the app flow cards. See if those get triggered.
My current assumption is that this only happens when there is an instability on the internet connection and after being unable to validate the authentication status we mark it as unauthorized, in case of an error you might get a disconnect but the the reconnect button or flow can help out.
Silently should not happen, so see if either events are triggered in your case.
Are you on netgear wifi by any chance?

Who else still get periodical disconnects or unauthorized? Myself its now rock solid for months.

I do cycle my wifi every night. (I have my own setup and the driver for the Hostcard 2.4Ghz band leaks memory.) It is a: QWA-AC2600 | Turn your Ubuntu/Linux PC or QNAP NAS into a high-performance and secure wireless access point/base station | QNAP (US) but it is on a regular Linux PC and not any QNAP system.

The disconnect usually happens during the day though… I’ll try some of the error cards and see if I get any logs…

Thanks for the input.

There could be a bug in the app - or you didn’t create routing in alexa yet and the app has nothing to show/filter in this selection list.


what does mean “create routing in alexa” ?

i have already multiple active routines
and previous command is working

Me too. It happens every 2-3 weeks silently. And in comparison to the older version no workaround like enable/disable or restart or reconnect works anymore after the silent disconnection. I have to go throw the whole login process.

I will try the on error trigger card.

Works like a charm for months here.
No disconnects, triggering routines via flows, Activating and desactivating devices,Text to speech. No complaints.
Thx for the hard work!
Lets still hope the app will be updated to SDK3 :innocent:

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Hi @Marc_Jurriens thank you for both your feedback here and also for leaving the 1 star reviews.

As I have mentioned else where - 1 star reviews are useful as the help me to determine when something is no longer worth maintaining and where I should focus my limited efforts.

This app works like a charm,no disconnect anymore and all features works!
Sometimes indeed i lost the app connection but only when i restart my wifi so it’s not Jamie’s fault!
5 stars😁

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I can also confirme that the App is now rock solid here, no more disconnects and working very well.
thank you @Jamie for your hard work, is is very much appriciated here in Copenhagen. Kind regards RepairGuyDK - Demarks biggest Tech Youtuber :wink:

Also here in Switzerland
Everything works fine
Thank you Jamie for your effort

@Marc_Jurriens thank you for explaining how complaining is actually beneficial to the entire community. It always eluded me why people do that, so thank you. While others waste hours and hours building stuff for everyone to enjoy, or help by testing and creating bug reports, requesting new features they came up with, they could have been contributing with one star reviews.
Your motivation, to help direct focus elsewhere is only just short of trolling. Thanks by all the people who are relying and loving this app.
Since me and Jamie asked for error reports if people still suffered from disconnects i assume we can locate many created by you… cause I need new error reports to find the remaining disconnects.