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I restart Homey one time again, but now TTS work after the restart?!
50:50 ?!

Great work. Will you eventually start working on controlling external devices in the Alexa that are not supported in Homey? I have a xComfort system from Eaton in my house. And since it looks like noone is currently making an app for xComfort in Homey, this support in your Alexa app could be my rescue

Hi Jamie,

It’s looking awesome, thanks.

I have a couple of questions.

  1. I own one Echo Gen2 and a few Echo Dot Gen2 that I have succesfully added but I also have some Echo Dot Gen3 that I cannot add. It says something similar to “No new units have been found”. Is this a known issue?

  2. Are you planning on support for calling Alexa Routines from Homey flows?

Thanks for a great app.


@Jamie Just replied to your DM. Everything working great so far on my Echo 1st Gen EU server.

Given the way that the appStore works, the test link will stop working shortly.

Thank you everyone for you help, I hope to have an update this week.


Hello Jamie, thanks for This real Great App. Iam so happy!! But i Cant Play Songs in flows on my Alexas.
How does it work? I have an Amazon music Account
Thanks for your answer.
Have a Nice das

Hello Jamie! thanks for giving us the chance to try your amazing app.
I had no problem setting up 1 Echo Plus (Gen2) and a 1 Echo Show (Gen2). However, the app cannot find 2 echo dots (Gen3). I’m in EU server.
Is it my problem?
Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

@Jamie do you know if the app installed through the test link will automatically update to the official store app once you enable it or do you expect we have to uninstall and install again? Just so we know what to expect

Thank you every one for testing version 2.4.1, I have just submitted version 3.0.1 for certification.

Change Log

2.4.200 : Adds support for additional amazon sounds
2.4.201 : Update placeholder, warning of 250 character limit on TTS
2.4.202 : Amazon sounds will not filter based upon the name or description of the sound.
2.5.100 : Its now possible in a flow to play music from Amazon, TuneIn, I Heart Radio or Spotify
2.6.100 : You can now trigger an amazon routine from a Home Flow.
2.7.100 : Add new device Echo Gen3.
2.8.100 : Re-add voices, added 60 voices, rename from ‘Homey Says’ to ‘Simon Says’.
2.8.200 : Add Loop command to echo devices
2.9.100 : New flow to change the ‘do not disturb’ state of a echo device
2.9.200 : SmartPlugs will now ignore any device which has custom properties or operations
2.9.300 : Fixes issue where requests for smart plug states was happening prior to the device being available
2.9.301 : Fixes issue where media wasn’t correctly displayed for devices on load
2.10.100 : Increase performance and reduce technical debt
3.0.100 : Restructure and public release candidate

@woody88 : Yes, I have added the ability to control smartplugs in a newer release. (see change log above)

@Henrik_Muldgaard A new type of Echo Dot Gen3 has been added in a newer release - this should resolve your issue. (see change log above)

@Henrik_Muldgaard - Yes you can now control routines using flows. (see change log above)

@Ansons I’ve added the ability to play songs in a newer release, just type what you want to play. Will work with all major music suppliers. (see change log above)

@SandroMari80 - I hope that this is now resolved, ive added a echo dot gen3. (see change log above)

@WouterD - I believe you will automatically be updated to the next test version when its approved. But I am not 100% sure. As mentioned prior to starting, I would highly recommend you remove all your devices when upgrading as there have been many updates.

Version 3.0 - will have long term support and public release. ie not require you to delete devices or test.


Change Log looks awesome :star_struck:
Thanks a lot for your work!


@Jamie Thanks. But I only have lights from Eaton xComfort in my Alexa app as devices. May I see and control them trough this app?

Wow, that really looks impressive. Looking very much forward to the release!

@Jamie; how is it possible to make donations to show appreciation for your great work?


Hey @Henrik_Muldgaard donation link is in the first post.

@woody88 Check the post at the top for “what’s next” at the moment I’ve only added smart plugs.

Adding new features takes significant amount of time. I work full time and this is something I do for fun. So I tend to spend my time on things which help me, or help lots of other people … or are cool.

Smart devices falls in to ‘its cool’ for me, as almost all my devices are supported by homey already. Realistically I think that people are going to complain that the status ‘smart devices’ from Alexa are not updated in homey when they change. (ie. turn on a switch and homey wont know its happened), as I cant do anything about that. I may end up removing this feature rather then expanding on it. Time will tell.

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@Jamie Ok, thanks again. Looking forward of trying this app, as I am currently waiting for my Homey Pro shipping to me. I will also make a donation for your good work. A little of topic, but do you know someone that I can pm with about maybe make an app directly for the Eaton xComfort SHC?

Funny you should mention that I had a look for you. There is a couple of unofficial api for your device. Including one for node - a homey app should be possible - looks like the device doesn’t properly update when the state is changed either

Thanks. I am googling and googling but most of this is a little above what I understand.
But since I have a smart home system that works good and is very reliable I dont want to spend to much money to switch it out.
Do you want to help me make an app out of this api or help get in touch with someone who can? I am willing to donate for this :slight_smile:


I updated to 3.0102 - new alexa sounds not working for echo show 5

after restartet the app again it works fine :slight_smile:

maybe this helps

Ha super cool

Version 3.0.1

Is now available for testing.