[APP][Pro] Amazon - Alexa

Sorry the way colour work for Alexa devices (by name - light green, blood red, etc) is not compatible at all with the way you homey app manages colours (via a hue/saturation rub slider)

I’ve been meaning to creat a new flow for changing the colour to one of the very select/strict impossible options but I haven’t gotten around to it as I don’t use colour lights from Alexa to homey.

As for the “other” category rather then the “light” that’s a work around because despite repeated requests (from me) there is no way to flag a device to not be imported into Alexa. Meaning … if I make it a light and you have the Alexa integration as well as app … it will create a light on the Alexa …. Which will sync and creat slight on the honey … which will sync and create a light on the Alexa …. So on and so forth until the end of time. (Or until honey crashes … I suspect as I never tried it)

I highly recommend you ask Athom to add the ability to exclide device from homey just like they have an exclude from HomeKit