[APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows

Well start, it’s the best way for me to deliver good support, because you can send me your flows.

Straigns think here is, the Returned Test3 should give an Timeout error: You are surpasing the 30 seconds timeout for an actioncard to finish.

The Start TriggerTest (Test3) should timeout aftter 30 seconds.

What is this 30s timeout? Something Athom implemented? So no action card (in this the Start card?) may wait more than 30s? I will add error check to the flow.

Sorry, i just tested it, and it turns out to be 60 seconds for the timeout.

Indeed, a flow itself can run for a long time, but each actioncard (and i think conditioncards too) must be finished within 60 seconds, or (also in the flow editor) you will recieve an timeout (Network request failed.).

When i run this for instance: Al goes just fine, after 5 seconds the flowcard is done.

But when i run it for 65 seconds i recieve an error:

The 0s is wrong! It runned for 60 seconds before the error cancelled it.

Sounds like a good implemtation, avoiding too slow action cards.

I changed the delay in my flow to 1s but still get no return value from Test3.

2022-11-02 13:52:02 Advanced Trigger test returned
2022-11-02 13:52:02 Advanced Trigger finished Test3
2022-11-02 13:52:01 Advanced Trigger test returned flow returns Test4
2022-11-02 13:52:01 Advanced Trigger start of Test3
2022-11-02 13:52:00 Advanced Trigger finished Test4
2022-11-02 13:51:59 Advanced Trigger test returned flow returns Test1
2022-11-02 13:51:59 Advanced Trigger start of Test4
2022-11-02 13:51:59 Advanced Trigger finished Test1
2022-11-02 13:51:57 Advanced Trigger start of Test1

Do I do something wrong?

I guess not, and i don’t see anything wrong with it. Please send me your flow and i’ll debug him.

This is not about marketing the DC app, but it just saves a lot of my time if people send me there flows/TEFs.
Also, there were a few times already, where you couldn’t see the error in the image, but it did show up when importing the TEF. Which saved me a lot of time, because there was just a fault within the flow itself.
I could fix it and send the flow back.

Also, tef’s make sure that i don’t make mistakes myself.

I have put a lot of time in perfecting the TFE and SYD with it’s TEFs, and it works a lot better then most people propably think. But it’s time too “win back” my invested time by not having to recreate flows and explain how to fix it.

Here f.i. i have imported a “complex” TEF, changed it, and send it back for him to import.

Ok, installed DC.
Here is my flow.


Hmm, think I did not do this correctly…

Its okay, i can copy it alright.

It looks as if, because of the brackets, the text stays as it should be.
At least, before i start using [TEF:… i couldn’t copy it when it wasn’t within a codeblock.

Still, nicest way is to put it within a codeblock, so the TEF becomes a one-line-scrollbar-field, which doesn’t interupt the conversation as much.

And thanks!
Ill look into it!

Okay, i got the same results.

(changed test4 to test 2 again).

I’ll work on it, but i do have some other thing right now i must handle first.
I’ll try to squeze it in.

No hurry, this is not something I am using yet, just tested it out of curiosity. :slight_smile:

How do you format code blocks in this forum? I didn’t find it in the toolbar and am not familiary with all formatting syntax here.

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Preformatted text it’s called i see:

Okay Gregow, it’s resolved in the latest live version 1.5.3.:


That was a quick fix. Nice work.

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I have this “idea for a flow” that I would like to hear if you think Advanced Triggers is suited for either partly or as the actual trigger.

Trigger when date and time becomes X, Y – where X, Y is variable.

The main idea is to have 1 flow that starts and stops a “stupid oil heater” with a smart plug at a given time. I need 3 different time intervals, which is “ordered” through Siri the day before.

I understand I can make all the 3 different start times and 3 different stop times trigger and check a boolean, but that is nor fun or well spent resources :sweat_smile:

So I thought I order a triggered time with you reurn card and have the trigger run on a specific date and time. Is that possible in todays version?

No, i don’t see that posibility right now in AT.
Technicly it could be made, but placing variables in the Trigger, i am not sure that thats a very good idea, performance wise. I might look into it (some day/right now a bit).

But first let’s see if i have a better solution for you: The default Homey Alarms.
Perhaps it’s best you create 1 or 3 Alarms for this.
This gives you some excellent management options through the Homey app.
And, the only thing missing is a flow to set the times, but here is a HS i created for it yesterday :wink:

let alarms = await Homey.alarms.getAlarms();
let alarm = _.find(alarms, a=>a.name=='AlarmName');
await Homey.alarms.updateAlarm({id:alarm.id, alarm: {time:'20:19'}});

QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.Chronograph / issues / #4 - Set a clock time and trigger on the set time — Bitbucket

The script is only needed to update times, enabling/disabling alarms can be done through normal flow cards.

Does this fit your need?


hmm!! Interesting.
If I’m able to enable or disable alarms, which I guess I am with HS? This would actually work!
Thanks for a great idea!!

No, there a default flowcards for that.
HS is only needed to adjust the time of the alarms: the can only be set through HS or the Homey App, not through flowcards.
Well HS is perhaps also needed as a condition to check if a alarm is active, i don’t see any conditions.

Perhaps someone should ask @Emile or @Athom if a Set Alarm Time actioncard and a Is Alarm Running condition card could be added to the default flowcards.

But you have quite some default options:


I really have to say that this app is super.
I using it in more and more of my flows.
The possibility to have trigger in sequence for resource lock, and debounce for holding down the load on flows. So great.
Thanks @Arie_J_Godschalk!

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You are very welcome, thank you for the donation again m8!

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await Homey.alarms.updateAlarm({id:alarmOff.id, alarm: {enabled:false}});
Wasn’t harder than that. I had no need for conditions when all was done inside the same HS.
I won’t spam this forum more with non-Advanced Triggers. Just wanted to say thanks for helping!