App for file upload to FTP or SMB?

I’m wondering if there is an app to upload files (from image tokens, text tokens) to a FTP or SMB share?
It would allow an archiving or camera snapshots using flows - time or event triggered.
Any ideas?

If not, a simple SMB example would be nice. Thanks.

Just thinking…
I know the Archive Insights app can export data to FTP or SMB shares.
Maybe Robin can add a flowcard for exporting an specific (image) token?

Ok, then I will take a look at the app. But it would be better to make a specific app for such things (like SQL client app). I will check what’s easier.

A SMB logic card in the core would be great like the http cards :slight_smile:

Yup, a few months later, the FTP client app has just landed at the app store. (It needs Micro Web server to function).