[App] Fibaro by Athom

Found only some pinned topics regarding fw updates of some Fibaro devices in the Fibaro community, but not a list.
So I’m also interested in an overview.

Yes. I have a Fibaro Home Center 2 and could do fw updates for you or other people. I live in Germany.

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Thank you for both. And would you know if even Fibaro Home Center Lite can do that ? So 1st version… seems they are available and very cheap…

I bought a Home Center 3lite for this very purpose. It can do device updates. But all my devices were already on the latest fw version. 110 euros well spend :wink:

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I guess that’s also be possible with the old HCL, but I’m not 100% sure. Didn’t found anything in the manual.

Just ask the people who knows it: support@fibaro.com


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You had to disjoin from homey and join to hcl3 and back again to homey. Right?

Yup, imagine how joyful I was when all fw were up to date :joy:, I believe the latest dimmer2 (only fibaro I have) is fw 3.5


How old are your fibaro actuators? Approximately? I bought mine some 3-4 years ago. I guess some updates should be seen by then.

Approx same age. You can view fw and sub version in advanced settings.

Ha, now that you said it I went and look a bit deeper. Previously I had numbers under firmware I couldn’t translate to actual firmware. However, I rejoin couple of fibaros recently and those rejoind I can read 3.3 (firm and sub level). Now, if there is some changelog on fibaro or latest firm that would be perfect. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll go and dig a bit on fibaro site. I’m using FGS-223 and 213.

THNX for the heads up.

3.3 seems to be the latest for double single switch

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Also to me it looks the same. 3.3 is last trace I could find out there. Thnx for the info and help. :wink:

Fibaro RGBW controller.
Something has happened last days - week.
I have a flow, controlling 4 LED stripes. Like this:
Set R= 70%
Set G=30%
Set B=70%
Set W=30%
This is to set kitchen lights to a good combination of warm and cold white.

I was travelling for a week and coming home, the result now is: R, G and B blinks and W is lighting 30%.
So, instead of adding each command, each command turns off the former channel.

Anyone having an idea?

Same problem here. It looks like the app update to 3.2.0 has caused this problem. I’ve logged a support request but I’m not holding out much hope.

It’s bad enough that Athom doesn’t keep its own apps up-to-date to reflect manufacturers’ new products. It’s completely unforgivable that they break things that were working fine.

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I haven’t noticed a change in my RGBW for general usage but sounds like if I start messing then I might
It had an issue a while back where I would get an error when colours changed
Fingers crossed they resolve the issue

the latest Fibaro update (3.2.1) has consequences on other Fibaro modules such as the “roller shuter” whose “venetian blinds” option becomes eratic for the tilt of the slats

So I’ve had a (very) prompt response from Athom. The app has been updated with a test version, which seems to resolve the issue with individual channel control.

I’m not sure if it solves any of the other problems (or creates others) but it has restored the missing functionality on the RGBW Dimmer 1.

Which other modules than roller shutter are affected? And which consequences?

But which roller shutter?

  • FGR-222
  • FGR-223
  • FGWREU-111

Btw, changes to the FGR-223 regarding the tilt function were already made in mid-January.
Could it possibly be that you have done an app update from a version < than 3.1.5?


3.1.8 - 18. Jan. 2022
Small textual change for tilt Flow card tokens (FGR-223).

3.1.7 - 18. Jan. 2022
Added Tilt Flow card for the Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223).

3.1.6 - 18. Jan. 2022
Added Tilt Flow card for the Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223).

3.1.5 - 11. Jan. 2022
Added Tilt and Scene functionality to the Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223).

However, I do not want to say that the current app version 3.2.1 has no new bugs. It would just be helpful for everyone if the information were more accurate.

Great! RGBW works as expected again!


running 3.2.1.
Several roller shutters which worked perfectly (although very tight fit with range), but today stopped working without any reason. All 3 roller shutters 3 are in the same location. 2 are not working anymore, 1 is still running.
Did a Fibaro app restart, Homey restart and also PtP with Homey but no luck :frowning:
No electrical failure because screens are working perfect standalone (direct control).
Is someone else having the same issue ? Homey’s location is now even closer to the modules than before, and have an Aeotec range extender 7 in between as well…
Thanks for the input already :slight_smile:

I had issue with one of the module (out of 10?) recently, I had to unplug modul completely from electricity and working fine since then.