[APP] feibit (1.0.2) - Feibit, Nue, 3A and Hui Home


With this app you can turn on a Feibit zigbee socket. This same device is rebranded as Nue, 3a and a Hui Home device.


Help me buy a homey to create this and other apps on.

Feature List

Supports turning on and off the socket.


Branch Version Status Notes
Stable 1.0.1 :white_check_mark: Stable Release
Beta 1.0.1 :white_check_mark: Stable Release
Alpha 1.0.1 :white_check_mark: Stable Release
Master 1.0.2 :white_check_mark: Adds community forum link and app color


Please note that this app now only supports v2.


  1. After installing, to add a new Device, click + (add) upon the devices tab select “Feibit Device”.
  2. Select the plug
  3. Pair the device as per the instructions

Possible Uses

As per any smart socket/plug


Otherwise everything else is as advertised in the post, hit me up on Slack (@jamie) if you have any questions or issues. Items show in this post (and only this post) are confirmed to work.


No known bugs, please report any here.


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Unfortunately I am going to have to ask Athom to delete this app.

It will not work until it is updated to use the new zigbee stack in v5.

BUT Homey cant even find any of the device to be added at all, its like the don’t exist anymore.