App errros spamming

HI all,

I am greeted every morning by emails of crashing apps that I think are beyond my circle of influence.
In general I have 3 types of app crashes that send emails to my mailbox as the developer:

Please read each for a second, because for some I understand what the cause was, I just think I can not resolve them myself.

Not Found: Device with ID {guid} at Remote Process at HomeyClient.emit (/node_modules/@athombv/homey-apps-sdk-v3/lib/HomeyClient.js:44:23) at Object.emit (/node_modules/@athombv/homey-apps-sdk-v3/manager/drivers.js:78:54) at Object.emit (/node_modules/@athombv/homey-apps-sdk-v3/lib/Driver.js:126:50) at /node_modules/@athombv/homey-apps-sdk-v3/lib/Device.js:570:27 at goveeDevice.setCapabilityValue

I depreacted one driver in my app a year ago, due to a more generic rebuild of the devices, easier maintenance and less drivers loading and taking mem etc. After that year in my last update I removed those deprecated drivers because I think they were still being loaded. So it was time to force the switch. Since then I get a lot of these errors in my mailbox. People that ask about it and in my forum topic I explained and they re-added to resolve some of them. But after months I still get these errors.

Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH [ipaddress] at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1555:16)

These I get when the external API I am calling from another app seems unreachable. Sure I probbable need to implement more error handling procedures here to prevent the error from being logged or crashing my app. I get that, so usefull that it ends up in my dev portal for example.

I also get a lot of errors that indicate timeouts, although those are capture by my own error handling.

Probably network issues or periodick outage of the cloud service

My point
Those error mails bring very little value to me as a developer compared to the dev portal. They spam my mailbox and it leaves me feeling unable to help the user that is obviously suffering from an issue.
Timeouts or unreachable hosts are in many cases not something I can help them with, sure I can try to capture those even more in my code, but the user will still not be helped by that. They just get a another error in another screen. Propoably their network has issues or a lower level driver on the Pro hangs due to some scenario, I dont know.
Those people that lost there devices because I removed the driver from the app are completly out of reach for me, I dont have any details on whom this might be or who I can send an email explaining they need to resolve the issue by re-adding their old devices.

Am I correct that I can not do anything for those users that have these type of errors?

In any case, whats the point of this spam? The dev portal lists errors generated by my app (a lot more since they run on the Pro 2023 vs the previous platform) so I can improv the apps I made, sure if Homey feels my apps are bad and need some attention getting a reminder once in a while on how many errors I have been causing might make sense. But the daily spam just makes me personally frustated.

I just let my e-mail program delete a bunch of crash reports with errors I can’t do anything about :man_shrugging:t3: