[APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.24, test v4.0.29)

I can’t say for sure, but it is possible, and won’t hurt to try it.

At first, many thanks for making this great app! Since 2 days we have an Somfy IO sun screen and it is working great with this app!

Just 2 questions;

  1. Whatever I do/try, the Homey app is not able to find my Tahoma box locally. It is asking me for enabling the developer mode (is enabled) and then it should be found with mDNS (Asus router, don’t know that I have to change to get it working. But all my 79 devices are forking great (including AirPrint). Maybe that there is an option to just enter a IP address of the Tahoma box in Homey?
  2. Just curious, is it possible to show the current ‘height’ of the screen on the device status itself?


Current device icon:

Maybe a status indicator? (UP/Down/Half or %?):

Many thanks again for the great app!

What Homey are you using?
Could you send me the device log from the Configure App screen so I can see what capabilities your screen supports?

Of course and thank you for your time and help!

Edit: It is a Homey 2023 with 8GB Ram.

Log: 5e2a6f9d-48df-40ee-8d61-db117005714c

OK, at the movement HP23 is nor working. The latest build 10.0.0-rc.110 has improved things so it cam now get the mDNS information, but there is still an issue with resolving local URL’s so it can’t talk to Homey.

Unfortunately, the Homey Diagnostic logs doesn’t show the required information. Could you open the app setting page (Configure button), select the Device Log tab, click on the Get Log button and then the Send Log button once the list has filled up.

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Thanks for your time and help again! Just send you the device log from within the app :+1:

Ah, I think I have just realised what you are asking for. So, you want to see the position on the tile?
It doesn’t appear that Homey supports that as it’s not possible to select that for the status indicator. I am surprised as it is standard capability. I will ask the question to Athom to see what they say.

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Thanks for your time and yes, that is what I would like to see! I’ve implemented it now in a second virtual device. On that virtual device I have the ‘status’ inverted (Thanks @Arie_J_Godschalk for your app and help!) (so 1 is down, 0 is up) and it is shown as % (instead of fraction). This was making it more clear on the virtual device. Would be great if an indicator, text (up, down, %) is possible to be shown on the device icon!

I have submitted a request to Athom so maybe sometime in the future :wink:

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