[APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.13, test v4.0.22)

Thank you I used your application everyday -) it’s normal to contribute. I have sent you something by paypal

Have a nice day

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Thank you, that is very kind of you.

Thanks a lot Adrian. Tested to add the blidns as “awning / Pergola (io)” now, and they all appeared. The app works very well - thanks!

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I’ve just received an email from Somfy telling me that they are ending the connexoon app and will be launching a new Tahoma app. Is this gonna affect me using your app in Homey ?



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same here,
i downloaded and logged in to the new IOS app but it wants to transfer my device from the old environment to the new one…
i have aborted because i dont want to break my homey connection …
will wait for confirmation here

I did, no issues everything works fine

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Thanks for the confirmation.

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Call me overly careful, but I’ll wait for som additional confirmations before I make the switch :wink:

I also received an e-mail from Somfy regarding the launch of the new TaHoma app (and that the Connexoon app wil soon be deprecated).

I downloaded the new app… which proposed an update for my Connexoon. After some hesitation, I decided to go for it. (the update succeeded, and the Homey app still functions)
However when I was asked to migrate my device to the new stuff, my hesitation continued… and I opted not to do this (yet).

Like most, I’m basically waiting for more confirmation that my Homey connection continues to work.

As the Homey app talks to the Somfy server and it works with Tahoma it should in theory all be OK.
Unfortunately I can’t test it myself as I have always had Tahoma.


Alright, if Adrian says “it will all work out”, I’m sold :wink:

TL;DR: I migrated my Connexoon stuff to the new TaHoma app + logged out & back in the Homey app = everything still works!


I can also confirm that I migrated to the Tahoma app and it has not affected the Homey integration, everything works as before.

But the migration was not painless. It got stuck several times and succeded only the fourth time.

Hi Adrian,

Today I added two velux skylights with blinds to Tahoma switch.

The skylights I added to homey and also the sun protection blinds (through vertical blinds io)

Is there a way to change the device-type (all four are ‘blinds’). I can change the skylight to ‘curtains’. (But not to skylights) But there is no such options for the sun protection blinds.

The reason I am asking is so google home knows the difference between skylights, sun protections screens and blinds.

If I ask google to open all the blinds, my skylights are also opening now :slight_smile:

Homey doesn’t have a class for skylights. The available options are shown here Tutorial: Device Classes - Homey Apps SDK v3

But is there a way to change device type of my ‘vertical sunshades’ to ‘sunshades’ instead of blinds? I could change my skylights to ‘curtains’ which is kinda ok for me. Tia

If you are using a Homey Pro, could you open the Configure App screen and select the Device Log tab. Then tap on Get Log followed by Send Log once the list has filled up. Finally, let me know the names of the devices and class type that you would like. I will see if I can add a way to add the feature.

Hi Adrian,

first of all thanks for your quick response!
I think part of the ‘problem’ is syncing homey devices with google. Apparently homey (Tutorial: Device Classes - Homey Apps SDK v3) has different device-types than google (https://developers.home.google.com/cloud-to-cloud/guides).

Google has no sunshades or windowcoverings. The overlap in devices that could be very useful are blinds, curtains, garage(door) and possibly more.

For my skylight I have the option to change device-type to: (other, sunshades, blinds, curtains).
Would be awesome if this list can be extended. Especially with garage(door).
Other, sunshades and blinds appear in google as blinds. Curtains appear as curtains.

For my sunshades (vertical shades io) I have no option to change device-type.

thanks again!

ps. I’ll send the log later today, this is apparently not possible from outside your house.

The list of types you see for the skylight is provided by Homey (I think because the class is defined as windowcoverings) and is not extendable. I can added a separate setting that has move options.

The garagedooor class is fairly new to Homey and most of the device in my app were created before that existed. If I use it then Homey’s using the app on older firmware will break so I have to consider that option before I can commit.

Once I get the log I can see what device type it is reported as and then look at the driver to amend the class if possible.

Strange about the log as it should work from anywhere as it is Homey that gets and sends it.

unable to get the log…nothing happens when I press ‘get log’. Hopefully this info from dev tools will help you out:

let me know if i can help more

I have published a test version that has a class type setting for each device.