Anyway I can modify app that already exists?


I have 2 ceiling fans made by LEDS C4, they are the same model, but came with different remotes, I guess one is an older model and other is newer.

Anyway, there is an App called LEDS C4, I’m able to connect a remote from the older fan, but the new one doesn’t work by copying it or by using deep switches.

Is it possible to somehow get the new models table frequency or code and add it to the existing app?

That app is on github:
You can download or fork it and edit the app as you like and try it with your Homey.

You can catch the signal from your remote in Homey Developer Tools. And then there is a bit of development needed to finalize it.

To start with creating a 433 MHz app as your first Homey app can be challenging if you have no experience.

So I can edit the app and tweak it so my remote works with it?

Would you be so kind to link me where I can read and learn to do that?

And yes, I tried going into the developer tools and homey can see the signal when I’m clicking the remote, but that’s as far as I went, don’t want to screw anything up.

Maybe it’s easier to just contact the dev of the app?
If you capture your remote and can somehow send that to him, he can implement it into the existing app.

I tried to do that on github. The owner has archived the project and replied to someone before with similar problem, you can read it in the Issues page.