Any real advantage in using smart appliances in the kitchen?

Hello everyone.

I am in the process of renovating the kitchen with the purchase of new appliances, in particular 1 washing machine, 1 dishwasher, 1 fridge, 1 inductive stove, 1 oven and 1 extractor hood. I am considering the purchase of smart appliances (with the exception of the refrigerator which will not be smart) but, considering the higher costs, I wonder what the actual advantages are in using smart appliances. I have no doubts about the usefulness of many smart devices but what are the actual advantages of using smart kitchen appliances, considering that I live alone? Beyond their usefulness, the use of smart devices can cause some headaches and I am not sure I want to deal with extra problems when the benefits are limited. Can anyone share their experience with these appliances and examples of usefulness, or reasons to avoid them altogether?

If you are a person that forget things all the time it will be good idea to have many smart devices in your home. If you are a person that remember things usually then you need lesser smart devices.

Some smart devices are very useful: TV, a/c, lights, locks, sensors, thermostat, etc. For kitchen appliances, I am not sure. About forgetting things, modern induction stoves and ovens have programs and timers to automatically switch off. Washing machines and dishwasher are already programmed to stop by themselves. And, I don’t need to automate appliances to start at scheduled times.

So, I don’t see a benefit that justifies the extra costs. Additional devices equals to additional headaches. Every time the electricity goes off many devices need to be reconnected.

But, I have never had any of the smart appliances listed in my previous comment. Perhaps I miss some use cases folks here may suggest.