Any experience with secure inclusion of Fibaro devices

Dear all,

I’m about to switch to Homey but I’m wondering about the compatibility with Fibaro Secure inclusion possibilities.

  • Are all fibaro devices (which support secure inclusion) today fully compatible with Homey?
  • How does a new added secure device looks like in the Homey app? How many parameters are shown in terms of “Tamper alarm”/“Alarm”/… (Maybe screenhot)

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Grt Dim

Welcome @Dimitri_De_Bodt

Secure inclusion will work if the device support its, as to which devices are available - you can see that here :

Capabilities won’t change if a device is include secure or not, the gui also won’t change at all, that includes any parameters shown etc.
As for which capabilities is very device specific, kinda hard to show you all 25(?) devices in 1 screenshot.

Thank you very much for this quick en clear support! ;-).
I want to securely include Fibaro’s FGS-223 and the Sensative strips…

Have a nice day!

I have a dozen fgs223 I can confirm they work with homey. As mentioned you can see on the app page what devices are supported


Thx Jamie!