Any experience with Merten Connect series z-wave devices?

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I’m interested in getting me a Homey but haven’t found an answer to my question if this is working well incombination with my “Merten Connect - By Schneider Electric” Z-wave flushmounted dimmers, switches and z-wave push buttons? Since I have to many installed to simply replace I’m hoping on getting a positive answer on the working together question.

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If there is an app (search the app store), it can be used.
if there is no app then only basic controls are available (1x on/off) and for more functionality there will need to be an app written.

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I’m working on a Homey driver for Schneider/Merten, since my house is also full of them. :slight_smile: Which models do you currently use?



I have some of these:

And one of these: