Anna (plugwise) thermostat

As my nest thermostat is announced to be no longer supported in a few months, can anybody share his/her experience with the Anna thermostat in combination with Homey and in general?

Things like:
-is it really reliable
-does it have a home/away detection that works properly?

On this forum:


Have fun reading!
(yes, i know it is all Dutch, but there are apparently very little international reviews…)

Gelukkig spreek ik ook nederlands. Dit topic had ik al gevonden, maar hoopte dat er wat mensen hun ervaring konden delen.

Thnx zover

Dacht ik al te zien aan je naam… :stuck_out_tongue:

Snap je bedoeling maar weet niet of er al heel veel mensen hier een Anna gebruiken. En ik had pas geleden zelf ook al eens rondgekeken, vandaar de links… :innocent:

And now the required English:

I thought so because of your name :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you mean, but i have no idea how many people here are using an Anna. And i looked it up recently myself, so, hence the links. :innocent:

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