Android widget not resetting for favorite flow

I have two flows marked as favorite and added as widgets on my Android homescreen.

Sometimes the widget gets “stuck”: if I press the widget, the flow executes and the widget turns into a green checkmark, but then it never goes back to the “play” icon and it becomes impossible to re-activate the flow via the widget later on.

I have only recently added this widget so I’m not sure how often that happens. The underlying flow is an Advanced Flow if that helps.

edit: latest version of Homey app, Android 11

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Have had a similar event today, tried to start 2 flows via widgets and think I just tried to start the second one too soon. It did jam the second flow at the tick mark and the flow wouldn’t start. Had to restart phone to clear it

Same thing happens here, evey few weeks.
Have to delete the widget and re-add it to get it working again.
Have reported it to Athom. Best to do the same for other users with the same problem, I suppose…

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There is a new (beta) update that should (amongst other)
“fix a notification and widget bug for Google devices”.

Would be nice if that solves the above…op

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Have installed and so far so good

I also had this issue and it was solved for a couple of weeks. Now a new bug is in the widget, it wont start and the spinner keeps spinning. Anyone else the same experience?

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Only time I have had that problem since the Homey phone app updated was when I went from WiFi to mobile data mid action. Actually have to turn phone off and on again to reset the widget

It happens to me regularly, around 30% of the time. Press widget and it ‘spins’ and never stops. Reboot phone or delete/readd the widget clears it.

Interesting comment about 4g - WiFi switch being involved, as my flow is ‘open door’ so I’m always approaching the house and very likely going from 4g to WiFi.

Can it be that this is an android issue? S9 no problems with widgets and S21 + A54 problems with the widgets

I had reported that widgets were not working at all no matter what I did, with the new version of the android app. Response was that they know they are broken and are working on a fix, unable to give a time frame though. Quite frustrating as they used to work fine. Now have to open the app and navigate to the flow I want and then enable.

I have a Pixel 7 pro, android 13. I use three favorite flows as widget on my homescreen, but every now and again it just keeps on spinning. After a restart it’s solved. Sometimes (not every time) deleting the widget and creating a new one solves it too.

Of course it’s not the end of the world and it’s not making me cry myself to sleep, but it’s just annoying. I’m glad to read here I’m not the only one. Hopefully a solution is near.


Since the latest android update and upgrade to homey pro 23 the problem for me is solved. Do not know if it is the android update or homey upgrade which solved the problem

Edit: looks like the Homey app version 7.2 solves the issue