Android Tablet for Homey


I‘m living in the iOS world but as Android Tablets are much cheaper I want to wall-mount one for controlling my home.

Can you recommend a cheap but still good Android tablet where I can install and run the Homey App for Android?


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Hi! If it’s just to control your home with Homey, why not try a KOBO Aura and ?

Because it’s more expensive?

I did not like homey ink so much.

You could look for an older iPad? Homey requires at least iOS 10

Don’t you have an old unused iPad? I’m using a NodeRed customizable dashboard comunicating over MQTT with Homey running on a old iPad 2 (not the air2) with iOS 9:

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Well, not only will a KOBO Aura be cheaper than an Android tablet even of average quality, but in fact the problem is not there: the issue is the autonomy of the tablet. If you have a power supply right behind the tablet on the wall and you can hide the cables, that’s fine, but it’s quite rare… Where an e-ink tablet will have an autonomy of several weeks, an Android tablet with a screen that’s always on will have a much lower autonomy, even during the day, and not much more if the screen is off. That’s the real thinking :wink:

Take for example a Lenovo Tab M10 3GB 32GB Wifi Zwart Euro 180,-

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Thanks for mentioning this to me… Just started to play with it and love it. DId not buy a tablet yet, currently trying it out on my “normal” iPad Pro still.