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[Android] Download of Homey v2 app (apk), without google play?

Hi there!

I need the Homey app without using Google Play.

I have a separate network for Home Automation/IoT things with no internet connected (blocked). I use (older) mobile phones for dedicated user control and I want the Homey v2 app installed on one of the newer device.

So, is there link where I can manually download the apk file?

https://www.google.com/search?q=homey+apk :slight_smile:

Thank you @bvdbos

With all do respect, I don’t download/install from a not-trusted source. Does Athom have a direct download URL?
(like Fibaro has)

If you want a safe way and you have a phone…
Install homey on your phone

Then install apk backup and send yourself a copy of the apk

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I use this app on a play connected phone with success

Not working. Needs Google Play services, which I was trying to prevent. To bad…