Allarm after some time

Hi all,
I would like to set an alarm if a door is open for some time.
I have a sensor on the door, but I don’t want to trigger it whe the door is open, but only if it is open after 1 min.
the door sensor is the tuya zigbee sensor. the following are the only options i get for the sensor :frowning:

You must use the Countdown app.
Opening the door starts a 60-second countdown timer in the first flow.
The 2nd flow is triggered when the timer has expired. It checks as an “and-condition” whether the door is still open and then sounds the alarm.

The “contact alarm” of a door/window sensor (hardware) is always triggered immediately as soon as a window or a door is opened or closed. That’s just how a door/window sensor works. So it’s not possible to delay this “contact alarm” on the device side.

If you want something to be done 1 minute after the door is opened (e.g. a notification or an “real” alarm signal or whatever), then you have to create a flow for it and add a delay, e.g. with the Countdown app that @Undertaker already mentioned.

I was thinking about something that could check that that doorsensor is active for 1 min no-stop.
If I put a countdown for 1 min is not what I want. Beacuse the door could be open in the time0 and the time0+1m but close in the rest of the time…
Hope do be clear what I mean

I guess I understand you. So the basic flow is what @Undertaker already wrote, but a third flow is needed.

(Sorry, only in German language)

So if the door is closed within the 1 minute, the timer will be stopped and no action will be started.

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This is also a nice, simple and clean trigger card:

This will trigger the flow, when contact “deur badkamer” is open for 1 minute

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Danke sehr :wink: , this is a good solution to what I was looking for!

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