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Hi, yesterday all my devices in Alexa was unresponsive. I rebooted Alexa and homey. Disabled skill in Alexa and re-enabled. Then today i reset my Alexa and did new install. Linked the skill and everything but now i cant find any devices… any ideas? Homey 1.5.13rc11 now had 1.5.12 same problem

I have the same problem. Since the last Homey update all my devices are gone in Alexa. Please help.

Seems like this might be the reason why I cannot discovery any of my Homey devices in Alexa with my new Homey installed today. A bit disappointing.

Anyone from athom that can look in to it?

Athom isnt active on the forum, accept for bram. If you really have a direct question to athom please read the welcome post here on the forum


After app update in Alexa yesterday everything works again… :slight_smile:

Now its just to get my echo dot as speaker in homey again.