Alexa doesn't detect flow

I am using Alexa in France, in french and after devices detection, Alexa doesn’t detect Homey’s flow.

In scene, i have ‘awake, gone, sleeping, at home’ that’s all!

did i miss something?


Is the flow marked as favorite? Only favorite flow are synced to Alexa.

i dont have favorite flow.

I just add 2 flow as favorite but alexa still doesn’t detect them.

I am waiting a few minutes, maybe there is a sync between homey pro at home, homey’s server and amazon server.

I let you know,
thanks for your reply

It works but only for flow which begin by ‘this flow starts’.

But it is not a problem.

Thanks for your reply.


That is for fav Advanced flows only.
Fav standard flows, which don’t need user interaction when pressing on the “Test” button, can be started by Ggl, phone widgets and (don’t own it) Alexa too,
I can start fav flows starting with “time = x” and “button is turned on” for instance.