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Aiuta a tradurre l'app in italiano


Innanzitutto, scusami per la pubblicazione in inglese nella sezione italiana del forum.

But I’m posting here to see if there is anyone that speaks both Italian and English who likes to help translate the Heimdall app and/or homeydash.com to Italian.

Athom has just released Experimental release: v2.5.1-rc.1 which will add support for the Italian language: https://firmware.athom.com/

Hello !! Here I am, how can I help?

Great, I’ve sent you a PM.

Hi, my name is Dan and I can help you.If you still need a help send me a message. Bye

Hello Dan,

Thanks, @Massimiliano_Massari Massimiliano is already on it, maybe you can team up with him to share the load.