Airplay and apple music

Has anyone have experience or know The possibilities of Homey with airplay and Apple music?

I don’t think it’s airplay capable…

with ios 13 it would be possible to run rules in homekit , for example if ( virtual device/ sensor) … then homepod play (song from music libary , …)


I was looking for a Homepod API last week… was thinking about buying one, but couldn’t find any info on an API.
Which means it’s not possible to do anything from Homey. I went for a Sonos One instead, for this reason.

I think there used to be an Airplay app for Homey but that was a reverse engineered API call, which didn’t work after a while when Apple changed their setup.

I love Apple but I really wished they released some API for some of their services, to be able to include it in smart home systems.

thats wrong you can control a homepod or airplay device with xml but it give no homey app that can do this , but on homebridge there are some , it it not easy to configure but it is possible to play streams , audio , control (play , stop , vol )

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so z.b sieht eine config in homebridge aus. mit den entsprechenden plugins ,
diese infos findest du aber auch im developer bereich von apple.
“accessories” : [
“accessory” : “HomePodRadio”,
“volume” : 50,
“host” : "192.168.xx.xx,
“name” : “Klingel HP”,
“streamUrl” : “”,
“port” : 5000
Es ist sogar möglich mit hilfe von BT am RPi diesen so zu konfigurieren das er das BT signal an den Homepod weiterleitet via airplay protocol . somit kann auch ein Android oder sonstiges via BT audio darauf abspielen .

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