Apple AirPlay 2 Support

Hey there,

I am thinking about buying a Homey, but it is absolutely critical for me that I can cast my audio to AirPlay 2 speakers. I have looked for an answer if that is supported by Homey but I found mixed answers. Some say it works because it is part of HomeKit, which according to some answers is supported and according to some answers is not supported, and also I don’t even understand how HomeKit support also means that AirPlay 2 is supported.

I am sorry, I’m quite confused right now and I am looking for an answer if I can cast my audio using Homey via AirPlay 2 or not.

Thanks a lot

There is no airplay 2 support. But all kinds of speakers are supported and you also can cast audio. Just look for yourself here

Okay, so no HomePod. Thanks.