After the Stockholm cloud update (May 24, 2024), Homeys Bridge has not worked

After the Stockholm update (May 24, 2024), Homeys Bridge had not been able to connect to the cloud service. The device has been started twice at 09:00 and 14:00? The network connection and Wifi network works OK locally.

The user interface says that: “Device Unavailable
Driver Unavailable”

There was a problem after the maintenance and it seems to be solved just some minutes ago.
So please restart the bridge.

The situation has not changed. Many devices report that the driver is not found.

Then please contact Athom support, because this is (more or less) a user forum only.

Same issue here after update. App cannot find cards. The logic, time, flow options all have disappeared

Thank you for your help, I opened a support ticket yesterday.

Br, Tuomas

You can try a restart here Homey Developer Tools.

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I went to see the situation through Developers Tools. Here you can see that Homey Bridge is offline.

The device is at the summer cottage so I restart (power on/off) it remotely, but I can’t
reconnect it to the wifi access point. Apparently, Homey Bridge has fallen off the wifi network for some reason?!

I’ll do the wifi reconnection when I’m back on site.

How did you powercycle it? Is it behind a smart socket?

The restart takes place via a text message via a smart socket. I have found this to be a good methodology because as we know, information technology sometimes gets stuck. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In this case, this did not help, if the final diagnosis is that the Homey Bridge forgot the wifi connection?! :exploding_head:

This is one reason I prefer devices with a physical ethernet connection in home automation. Fortunately, this is the case with the new Homey Pro. :+1:

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I received confirmation from a visitor to the summer cottage. Homey Bridge’s led ring is blue. So it has reset itself and is waiting for pairing via Bluetooth. So nothing can be done remotely. So the only option is to fix it the next time I get there.

However, the open question is why the device resets itself. Was it related to the update or is the device faulty? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I received information from Homey support that some Homey Bridge devices have dropped from the local Wifi network due to a server-side update. The problem should be fixed if you just pair the Bridge device back to the Wifi access point. Homey will find out if there is something on the software side that caused this. :+1: