AEX investment fund

I’m looking for a way / app to retrieve the value of an investment fund. I’d like to receive a message every day where the actual value and increase/decrease related to the day before, is displayed.

Anyone any idea?


I think there are many ways with the app http request app. Ik With a http request, a api with json you could get in done.

For me it is quite complicated so i don’t know if i can help. With http request i myself use the api from to get a json file. From that file i extraxt the weather data into homey.

Maybe this link can help you. Also search on the forum for the http request app. Suc6

I’m aware of the http request possibility but couldn’t find an appropriate api

I’m using

Hello @Phuturist, do you know where I can find a symbol-list to lookup the right symbol for the AEX investment fund I’m looking for?

Not really, just got them off a random investment site.