HTTP GET request

Hey. Hey. I would like to retrieve the current diesel prices in my area from the website. I found that it would probably be possible using where I can create a robot. Has anyone solved something similar?
This is what I get from robot:

I have created an API on the site to call this monitor.

Now comes my problem and how to get these values into Homey :smiley: :smiley:


I still can’t get over the error: {“statusCode”:401,“messageCode”:“unauthorized”}
I admit I’ve never made any flow that works with HTTP requests, so I’m just getting familiar with it.
Thank you for any help :hugs:

Have you tried the API call over Postman or other tools? You can download the OpenAPI definition and import into Postman. It is working for me, but I tried different endpoint. Then you can compare differences between calls from Postman and Homey.

Could you please describe or use a screenshot of your solution? I have no idea how to use the integration. Thanks

I made something similair to check my public IP.
Just use Homeyscript and use the fetch object, get the json body for your values, see example below.
The script you can execute in a flow if you want.

Have fun!