HTTP GET request

Hey. Hey. I would like to retrieve the current diesel prices in my area from the website. I found that it would probably be possible using where I can create a robot. Has anyone solved something similar?
This is what I get from robot:

I have created an API on the site to call this monitor.

Now comes my problem and how to get these values into Homey :smiley: :smiley:


I still can’t get over the error: {“statusCode”:401,“messageCode”:“unauthorized”}
I admit I’ve never made any flow that works with HTTP requests, so I’m just getting familiar with it.
Thank you for any help :hugs:

Have you tried the API call over Postman or other tools? You can download the OpenAPI definition and import into Postman. It is working for me, but I tried different endpoint. Then you can compare differences between calls from Postman and Homey.

Could you please describe or use a screenshot of your solution? I have no idea how to use the integration. Thanks