Extract price from website

Any suggestions how I can extract a price from a website?

Currently I’m trying to figure out how I could access the “Einspeisetarif” (feed-in tariff) for the aWattar Sunny tariff from this site: SUNNY - Ihr Solarstrom für Österreich!
It’s the “8,291 Cent/kWh”.

I thought I could just make a HTTP GET request and pass the result to Homey Script, where I could extract it with some string manipulation (regex preferable, but indexof/substring would also suffice). But it seems that no string functions are accessible in Homey Script. Am I mistaken?

Any other ideas or hints what I could try? Thanks in advance!

// https://www.awattar.at/services/api/v1/marketdata 
// https://api.awattar.at/v1/marketdata

const res = await fetch("https://api.awattar.at/v1/marketdata");
if (!res.ok) {
throw new Error(res.statusText);

// Get the body JSON
const results = await res.json();

//console.log("RESULTS=", results,"\n ----------------" );

console.log("Data marketprice =", results.data[0].marketprice, results. Data[0].unit);

return (true );

This is what you are looking for?

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That gets the market data that is used for the Hourly tariff, but not the price for the Sunny feed-in tariff.
The first can be retrieved via the Power by the Hour app, but I don’t have a solution for the second. As far as I know, there is no API available for the feed-in tariff.

Sory, think I didn’t read very well…

String functions are available, its plane JavaScript.

Thanks, I got it working now.

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Great it’s working, did you extract it from the html page?

Yes, directly from the website. Just extract the first “xx,xxx Cent/kWh” I find in the body. I asked them if they could make they price available through their API, but haven’t got an answer yet.

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