Aeotec Water Sensor 6 with dock

Does anyone knows if the Aeotec Water Sensor 6 is supported by Homey? If I look into the app, I’ll see ‘Water Sensor’, but I can’t find which version this is. Also on Github, I cannot find it.

This sensor caught my eye because it’s also possible to add a docking station and add two outputs. Therefor the followup question, is this also supported? And also the temperature values?

Thanks in advance.

It’s this one: not the Water Sensor 6

In the app store the image is shown:

Thanks, didn’t knew that site.
Will add a request for inclusion on Github. Not sure if I’m able to program this myself…

I’ve submitted a request a few days back to have the Water Sensor 6 added to the app. Have 3 of these to add in :slight_smile:

Ah great! Where and how did you submitted this request?
I’ve made a Github issue and they responded to that: Github

Only since there are theoretically no deadlines at athom, I really hesitate to order it… Sad but true fact…


I filled in the request form at this URL:

As Matthew points out, they are going to beta test the new app soon, I’ve put my hand up to assist

@CitizenxNZ if you join the Aeotec Alfa test as per the DM I sent you few days back, you will see that the water sensor 6 is now included :wink:

For sure that once the alfa test is finished, it will be released for everyone into the app store either as beta or stable.

@danone, are you able to add me as test user also? I already have the motion sensor.

Thanks @danone, when I posted the above message I hadn’t seen the confirmation I was in the test. Looks like the latest version now pairs the water sensor 6 for AU/NZ/BR correctly, I’ll test out the functions tonight

@CitizenxNZ Great! I don’t own this sensor so if you don’t mind to report if it works as expected or not on Slack to @MatthewWaanders or send him a Direct Message here on the forum with your findings if you are not on Slack.

…and remember, this is an Alpha release so many things which used to work before might not work now!
Thanks for helping making Homey a better product!

@Caros I am sorry, I am nothing than a humble user of Homey and I cannot invite you to the Alpha testers group. This group was made for the users Down Under in Australia and New Zealand since lots of issues we had with product Id’s since different z-wave frequency than the rest of the world.
But if you DM to @MatthewWaanders maybe he can include you? This is a testers group so if you are in it, and use the alpha app you should also report bugs you find, no support on this forum is your Aeotec devices stop working since Alpha stage…

Hi All

I am trying to add the water sensor with dock and it is adding it as a basic zwave device. Is there a fix or another way to install it that I am not aware of?

Thank you

Today I was trying to get the Water Sensor Dsb45 to work, Homey finds it and it was showing up as a device but it won’t update its status, no reaction to water, why? If I Uninstall aeotec app and install the sensor as a general device it works fine but then it won’t show battery.

This is a Athom App, so contact them with your problem ( @Preyesh @Tb1 )