Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 - 3 clamp

I have a ticket opened with Aeotec for more then two months, for 3 clamps version. I suggest you open support case with Aeotec as well. (the app is supported and developed directly by Aeotec). I’m using in the meantime unofficial version which works but somehow the device is quite intensively flooding ZWave network… and despite Kentaclub promised to take a look, it was more then year ago. But somehow it works, just use flows on 3 clamps version visely due do the memory leak in Homey which I believe wasn’t ever fixed (don’t use When Power changed etc. ). It’s better to use eg. each 1 minute check if… Yes, it’s not ideal but you will not get memory leak triggered.

Also you have to remove device via Developer page if you can’t remove it directly via Homey app.

Is it possibile to create a daily stats of total consumption, or export in some way the data read at 23:59 each day, automatically, and create and excel or similar? Thanks

Power by the Hour App for Homey | Homey ?

Mmm not the best, basically it seems it adds daily and monthly usage, each day and month should reset. Not really a history or graph to show consumption history…

Actually it does, as it adds new device available in the Insights

Thanks. I will give a look :ok_hand:

Hi All, I know this is an old topic but I’m migrating to homey and while adding my Aeotec Gen 2 / 3 clamps to homey I got only one value.
Current app version (from official store) is 3.1.3 while the one suggested above is lower.

How can I make all three clamps visible to Homey?


Yes, you need to use unofficial Aeotec version…the official doesn’t support it…I have open ticket for that with support like more then 6 months already. I would suggest you contact Aeotec directly as well, to increase priorities…

Thanks Sharkys. As I’ve other Aeotec devices (perfectly working), install the unofficial one will impact them?
Otherwise it would be possible to install the unofficial with a different “name” having both installed and being able to choose with which one include devices?

Hmm, not sure…I think by mistake I was running both app in parallel but I didn’t test impact on devices as such, for sure you can’t have two devices from the same app installed in parallel. Worst case scenario, do backup first…

So ive just bought a aeotec gen5 3 phase, is this still not supported in the official aeotec app? I get no readings att all, I cant change parameters, get ”failed to set 101 to 4144911 size 4”… can somebody help me?

Indeed it’s not supported, I have 1 year ticket opened with Aotec… please contact them as well.

Luckily the unofficial app works still kind of fine (it’s somewhere in the thread above)

ZW095 Home Energy Meter 1 Phase and 3 Phase

Both devices have the same Z-Wave ID. To ensure the functionality of both devices, it was decided to display only the main instance.

As soon as there is a possibility to separate the devices and display them differently we will provide an update for the device.

So good news maybe …

Version 3.6.0 — Add New US devices for Homey Bridge, Adjustments were made and bugs were fixed. Rework Home Energy Meter Gen 5 (EU) driver. Detailed change of the individual versions can be found here. Homey App Changelog : Aeotec Help Desk

…and the comment about ZW095 disappeared, so finally ! :wink: