Advanced Flow — Community Q&A (from Ask Me Anything 05-07-2022)

For the people who asked for more triggers or a way to create loops within Advanced Flows: Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows - Apps - Homey Community Forum.


Guys, would you know if there is some “universal” tag I can reuse in case case of such WHEN condition ? I would like simply to report which of the sensor went above certain value… so it will have only one THEN “Timeline - Sensor XXX density changed to YYY” .

But these triggers don’t have an own Tag, just a Tag from each device. you need Triggers for that with a Tag. but even then there is no solution for (yet) than scripting it in HomeyScript

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Hi i have a toweldryer in my bathroom that i want to start for one hour when the humidity increases for example 15 % in 10 minutes but i am not sure where to start does anyone have an idea?

Depends a bit on the sensors you are using, for the calculation of the increase you probably want to use some better logic (unless there is a way in your sensors to do that math for you) then start the towel dryer and a countdown, and when countdown reaches 0 turn the towel dryer off

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You could do it like this:

(I used temperature because of the lack of the cards you have, but just as an example)


How do you search for errors now with advanced flows?
I created this flow, but my Door light was dark last evening and also the motion sensor did not activate it, and I don’t know why.
Maybe you can help me, loving AF but still not even close to really getting it.

See post #249
When you draw the red line to a notification card, you can select the local tag “Error”. When the source card is in error, this tag will display the error message.

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Thank you Peter, will try!

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Question: Does anybody have issues with advanced flows being disabled when using the Every x seconds/minutes/hour card? I combined several old flows into a couple advanced flow containing one or more Every x starters. They seem to run fine, but then suddenly get disabled.
Any Idea?

The trigger rate limit also is in standard flows. Just with multiple triggers in one flow you will hit it sooner i think.

I Just think every X seconds isn’t the correct way to automate.

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This flow is a bit hard to follow, and it looks prone to bugs, especially with the delays in there. Could you explain, in plain language, what you want to achieve? I can take a stab at setting it up in a more robust manner for you.

IE: Currently, your lights will dim to 50% 5 minutes after the first movement was detected. So if someone comes home at 22:00, and someone comes home at 22:04, the light won’t be dimmed at 22:09, which might be expected, but rather at 22:05.

I just mentioned it because maybe some of you have noticed the same thing. I also found I can work around it by setting multiple time triggers.

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I don’t why the flow did not start, but it worked now the last days.
Idea is to control my outdoor light and have it on at 50% after sunset and before 23:30.
Once there is movement, it should lighten up to 100% for 5 min and then go back to 50% mode like before.
Still have to test in detail…

Your description resulted to this flow:

I rather use timers than delay cards for these scenarios
And a hint, most lights turn on when you set or change the dim value, then there’s no need for “turn on light X” prior to “dim light X to y%”

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Thanks Peter.
I used the “turn on card” because I recognized that the light would go on, but not with my requested dim % level. When I turn it on first and then dim it, it worked better.

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I think I can use Advanced flows for this, I want o have a warning per zone / room when the difference in temperature indoor / outdoor is too big. Resulting in 3 type of warnings:

  • Close the door/ window it is too hot outside
  • Open the door/window, you can cool down the house
  • Close the door/ window, it is too cold outside

I was thinking about this logic

Every time when temp in changes
Anke or Wout is at home
Anke or Wout is awake


Calculate the difference between outdoor temp and indoor temp of
Outdoor TEMP -/- Indoor TEMP

Check if door/ window > 30 seconds open

And I want to have kind of these conditions with outcome:

When window/ door is open: PUSH message:

30 outdoor 24 indoor = +6Close the door, too hot outdoor
24 outdoor 24 indoor = 0 Nothing
30 outdoor 20 indoor = +10 Close the door, too hot outdoor
18 outdoor 20 indoor = -2 Nothing
16 outdoor 20 indoor = -4 Close the door, too cold outdoor
10 outdoor 20 indoor = -10 Close the door, too cold outdoor
30 outdoor 18 indoor = +12 Close the door, too hot outdoor
20 outdoor 18 indoor = +2 Nothing
15 outdoor 18 indoor = -3 Close the door, too cold outdoor
-5 outdoor 18 indoor = -23 Close the door, too cold outdoor

When window/ door is closed: PUSH message:
20 outdoor 24 indoor = -4 Open the door, cool down indoor
18 outdoor 24 indoor = -6 Open the door, cool down indoor

I tried, but failed, too many conditions maybe, or lacking some experience :slight_smile:


i have some issues with local tags. While receiving an event created with an GET request I can’t select the local tag in the ‘and’ cards in Advanced flows. What am I missing?



In the ‘standard’ flows the local tag is still available


Thanks in advance

You need to draw a line, link the When to the Then. Then the token/tag wil be visible.


Ohh, that’s quite stupid from myself :see_no_evil: