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Sure, but you have to re-create or optimize the logic, too. So it’s not a big difference in migrating an adjusting or just create from scratch.

Not sure I get what you’re saying. All logic is still coming from the same place. The variables in flows don’t change. And if flow A starts flow B then after converting flow A (advanced) starts flow B (advanced). Anyway, even a button which lets you convert individual flows would be ok for me.

Creating from scratch would cost me multiple days (700+ flows), of which most time is lost looking at normal flows and finding the correct cards that were used in those. Optimizing (if needed) would cost significantly less time.

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ha ha ha

Yes, safari 16

See your email if you have an app published.


Since it’s a beta version we wont spend any time yet to fix it since it might be an actual issue in Safari itself but if the problem remains we will fix it.

This looks really good! Will definitely buy and start using it to create more logical flows. First flows will be just for testing, because I can imagine that there could be some quirks in this entirely new way of handling flows.

ok, just wanted to let you know. And you know, we test betas… also for you :slight_smile:

Ha, I missed that mail between beach and dinner :laughing:
Very cool. Thanks Athom.

Thanks, Ruud.

Mmmzzz, it is not a good selling point, to say it nicely.

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It should be on the exact same page you’re linking in your post.
Just around here, where it says my Homey already got one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Are you logged in with your Homey account on that site already?
Got a Homey Pro?

Why is only text color different in “notes” in darkmode? Darkmode needs the entire note to have its background in the different colors - not the text color.

If I set the not color to “green”, then it’s almost impossible to tell it’s a note.

No, just on your Homey Pro v8.0.0 like the standard flows. Nothing changes, you only need the WebApp to edit them.

I assume / I really hope all apps with flowcards can be used (App store / community store / CLI installs / personal local apps.

Thanks for your help. When I switched to my mobile phone I was immediately able to purchase the item on that page. On my laptop there was/is no buy option, despite being logged in. Strange… Well it’s fixed now.

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it is on that page just below the video and you can ONLY buy one at a time :wink:

Guess they don’t want sponsors…

But maybe as it is bought for a specific Homey :wink:

Simple question. Will t here be a storage upgrade available in t he future. Because my storage is already full. Love this kind of feature, but yeah. Can’t really use it

Physically impossible. That should be a whole new model Homey then, which we know nothing about yet.

Reasons i am looking into Home Assistant, Cause i’m literally just completely throttled by storage

Did you check what’s uses the most?

If you ever changed the language, new voices are downloaded , but never get removed when you change to an other language.
Speech files are pretty big (compared to the disksize).
And don’t forget sound files. Maybe you can lose some of them.
Note: my Homey is crammed full with apps, devices and flows. Only half the storage is used.
Note2: I once had an Insights file of 450MB.
Restoring a backup reduced it to the generic 55MB