Advanced Flow - Aeotec gen5 3 clamp


I have a minor problem with one of my advanced flow, that maybe someone have a simple solution to or different setup.

I have an advanced flow that starts my spabath during nighttime. It runs between 11pm to 8am and starts to check if the coming 3 hour period is the cheapest during the next, else it waits for another hour and test again… so far so good, it has worked for a few months, but recently I have added other things in my home to run during the cheapest hours, which now has lead to that I’m overloading the phases in the house… Not good!

So my thinking was to add another criteria, using one of my Aeotec 3 clamp energy meters, to check if I have enough space on my phases or not before starting the spabath, but it doesn’t work.

Whatever value I put, it never starts to execute.
Created a test flow earlier today where I changed the value all the time but it never got executed, am I missing something?

On another note, instead of having it as another start condition, I would like to use it as a or/and condition in the middle of the flow instead, but it seems that these energy meters can only check power/phase etc as a start condition, anyone have a solution to this?

This is how the spabath flow looks like on start

This is my test flow from earlier today

This is a overview on the available card option for the and statement, as you can see no possibility to check phase:

You have to use logic cards in the conditions part (And…) in combination with the tags from Aeotec 3 Clamp device.


How to use logic cards and tags is explained in this tutorial:

By the way, I wouldn’t trust Homey or any other SmartHome system, that would be too dangerous for me. From my point of view, the spa bath should be protected separately. But that’s just my personal opinion.

Thanks, I realize that I had the solution in front of me… have used logic a lot :see_no_evil:

My mind got blocked since I was frustrated about that the flow never executed with the clamp phase info…

On the second note, no I don’t fully trust Homey(or any other smart home device) from that angle either, it’s quite stable but you can never be 100%. The spabath together with most of the heavy electricity stuff are protected, so it was never about that, but homey can help to add on some “security/support” layers, to not overload the phases in the house.

Again, thanks for quick reply

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