Add an “or” function and take a look at Lego boost programming “language”

I get the philosophy of the flows to keep it simple. But in my opinion it’s too simple which makes it way more complex and cluttered if you want simple things to be a little more advanced. Or even simple things, for example: I want to control the lights with 3 switches (on different places in the room). They all need to do the same. To accomplish this I need to copy the flow 3 times and change the switch in the “when” area. If the flow contains options like light color and I want to change this, I need to adjust 3 flows to accomplish this. Or I need to create an extra flow that is triggered by the switch flows to keep all controlled lights in one flow (to make changes just once). Just a simple “or” operator can eliminate so much clutter.

Right now I’m breaking my head how to control the lights with a motion sensor, and go back to the stage that it was before when the sensor does not detect presence (mood light, off, custom light…) it is doable but the amount of variables and flows to do it makes it really cluttered and confusing.

May I advise to look at the Lego boost kit? Seriously, in my opinion this is the way to go to keep complex things super simple. Just buy it (it’s cheap, and the best present for nerdy kids ever) and play with it. Young kids from 7 year are able to program. To make it even more beginner friendly, make tabs like “beginner” and “advanced”, and hide all the advanced building elements from the beginners.

You can create the simple things “if this do that” but also really complex things in a clear way. For example, this is the “code” I programmed to create an autonomous driving car. It moves around obstacles, and if it does hit something it breaks itself free. I’ve seen complete printers created with this kit.

Anyhow, I’m sure after playing with Lego boost, you will be eager to implement this way of programming philosophy into Homey 3.0. :wink: But in the meantime could you please please pretty please add an extra OR option?

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I agrea it is not quite as simple as I hoped it to be. But every way has its own way. Don’t know a thing about lego, but maybe that is also a way. At this point I am learning, and every day I come up to something new. I also would like to have some more “OR” ‘s. In the meantime maybe this is a solution for your problem.