Activate/desactivate flows with virtual switch

Hi everone,

I have created a flow to activate the light when I’m entering in my dressing and another one to turn off the light when there is no moving detected.
I want to add a virtual switch to turn off those flows (light stays on) when the virtuel button is OFF. This part of the game is working but when I activate the virtual button the light doesn’t goes off… What am I doing wrong?

flow Précense dressing: when mouvement dressing activé then activer lumière dressing
flow Absence dressing: when mouvement dressing desactivé then desactiver lumière
flow Lumière auto OFF: when virtual switch off then desactiver flow absence dressing
flow Lumière auto ON: when virtual switch ON then redémarrer flow absence dressing

Almost all lights at home are working this way. I just want to desactivate this fonction when needed…
Many thanks for your tips

I tried something else…

I simply added a rule in absence dressing:
when mouvement désactive AND virtual switch activé then desactiver lumière. So the light is staying on. Yessss!

But when I put the virtual switch back ON the light doesn’t go off unless I trigger de mouvement detector again… How can I solve this issue?

Add a second flow executing when you turn the vritual switch on, add a condition (if room not active & light on) then (turn off). The problem is, if you re-enable the flow and the room condition already is inactive by then, your flow will never run.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Did you answer on my first topic or the second one? I’m still searching…

The 2nd one. I was a little confused why you turn the switch on to make the light go off too. Maybe something got lost in translation?

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