Acdb 9000C doorbel differend sounds

I do have a question about the ACDB 9000C.
Is it possible to choose which sound is played on the ACDB 9000C. So when the doorbel is pushed, than it plays a different sound then when someone is opening the backdoor…
I hope to hear from you!

Yes, switch the sound on the ACDB 9000C before pairing it to the doorbell of the frontdoor. The same for the backdoor.
To do it via flows , you have to make a virtual device, a button. Or just add a wall outlet and pair it by cloning a code from a KaKu remote control. Learn the same code in your ACDB 9000C. When you switch on the wall outlet, homey sends the code, which will trigger the ACDB 9000C.

After pairing my ACDB-6600 with Homey, I cannot ring it by clicking on it. Maybe the other doorbells can?

Thank you for this information, that is clear for me!