Accidentaly removed Homey Pro 2019 from account

I accidentally removed my Homey from my account, thinking I deleted another one I failed to connect to. I have no backup service.
Does this mean that I just lost all my devices on that Homey and I need to reconnect everything?
I reconnected the original Homey, but I got no devices or flows.

How have you reconnected?
The only way I know is after a Factory reset.

Did you use the same account? When you did not perform a factory reset, it should connect to “your” Homey again.
But what I think what might have happened, you added a Homey cloud/premium instance instead of your own Pro… And there’s no flows and devices in a new Homey.
To check:
A Homey cloud looks like this in the web app:

Compared with a Homey Pro:

I had not reconnected properly, I had added something else (Like what Peter_Kawa suggests beneath).

This was the case, it was not added at all. Tried again and everything is there, thank you for the help!

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No problem.
I would now buy a backup subscription if I were you, it’s only €10 / year :stuck_out_tongue:

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