Access to Trust Smart Home app code base

I’m currently developing the app for Adurosmart Eria products, and it seems that the Zigbee ID (CSW_ADUROLIGHT) for at least the Wireless Contact Sensor model: ZCTS-808 is the exact same as the Audrosmart Eria contact sensor.
I found the example repo of the klikaanklikuit devices, which I believe shares the same codebase as the Trust app. Unfortunately, the ZCTS-808 is not in that code base.
I was wondering if someone here knows how to best contact Athom to see whether they could somehow share the latest version of their code base, so I can look at how they integrated the contact sensor.

Trust is kaku zigbee. The example repo is 433MHz kaku

That much I figured out, but the example repo is not up to date with the Trust app that is online in the homey store, therefore there is no example code of the wireless contact sensor.

I don’t know if we understand eachother. The kaku example repo has nothing to do with the Trust app in the app store.
They use different radio technology