Abstracting device from action/flow

It seems that the device and trigger are combined into one card. If I want to duplicate a flow and change the device, I have to replace the card that includes both and create a new trigger card. This also applies to the action.

For example, If Living Room Light is turned on during the daytime, dim Living Room Light to 100%. I want to just swap out the device so it’s easier to duplicate.

Where do we submit these product requests and follow their status?

Make your living room a zone and switch on all lights in the zone. Would that be a solution?


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You can do this with the Device Capabilities app.
In it, you can export a advanced flow.
Then, you can import it again.
During import, you get an nice interface to replace devices, zones, tokens, etc.

I use it myself to copy and adjust flows that are the same (like light controllling flows for all bedrooms).

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