A cry for help - (DIY) roller blind/shade

Correction: Life without a wife seems less risky!

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WAF table (based on my estimation, don’t dare to ask) on scale 1-10

Somfy RTS: 7 (sometimes a blind misses a command)
Motion: 9 (4 if I myself am unresponsive during programming the app)
KAKU: 2 (only slightly better than no Homey at all)
Fibaro: 8 (glad I replaced KAKU, but expensive)
Aotec wallmote: 5 (beautiful but you sometimes need to tap twice)
Heat-it push: 6 (ugly but work well once you get used to them)
Google Nest Hub: 6 (why won’t it recognise all of the 15+ ways you can yell a command?)
Homey in repair: 1 (Half the stuff isn’t working - what the #*&# is going on!)

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Will donating a beer push that to a 10?

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For me it’ll push it way past 11!

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Too boring! Just like a Homey without any quirks🤪
Not that those two are comparable🤗

You could try Brel motors? No clue if they ship to Denmark but the app is in developement and could be done anytime now.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
I actually drove to Germany yesterday (1 hour drive - no biggie) to pick up the Motion blinds.
I bought 4 motors + 1 hub + 1 remote.
So I’ll try that out for now :slight_smile:

Ps. The Brel hub looks exactly like the one from Motion Blinds (Coulisse)

So far the Motion Blinds fit exactly to the blinds I already have. Setting it up was super fast and easy.
Final thing to do is integrating them to Homey, which gave me some trouble yesterday, but I’m in touch with the developer @Edwin_D who’s doing an amazing job supporting the app :slight_smile:

I’ll give an update once the final setup is complete :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help everyone - you are life (or maybe wife?!) savers!

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Regarding the Hub, probably a standard cheap chinese choice? Maybe they just flash it with their own software.

I’m glad you found something that works, always nice to see projects succeed. Good luck

And as a final update here @Edwin_D came to the rescue and finalized an update for the app, to make everything work seamlessly.

I can recommend motion blinds and the motion blinds app, if anyone else want to make their blinds smart.
Incredible support and super easy to setup.


Does anybody know what the maximum size of roller blind would be to work with this motion blinds motor? Or can somebody just confirm it will work with a 2.30m width, 1.70m long blind?

Looks very promising this setup :slight_smile:

The manual does not state any limits. longest i have is 2.20m, about 1.60 high, no problem whatsoever. 2.30 together with the 1.70 I think it should manage just fine.

The biggest consideration is that longer blinds usually have wider tubes. There’s a replaceable cap that should fit snugly in the tube with enough friction so it will drive the tube. There are two versions provided in the box, one that fits 25mm tubes with ridges inside and a rubber one that is more versatile.

I do not know if other sizes are on offer. Robbshop says on their website they may even help with different sizes using a 3D printer. I cheated with the bigger blind by placing strong linnen tape over the rubber one, tight enough so it won’t slip, but that may not last forever of course. But the rubber ensures the tight fit well up to now. I think with the rubber it might even be better than a 3d printed one.

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Thanks for the extensive reply Edwin. This gives me good faith to try a set :smiley:

The tube I have is 28mm inside, so I think that will be fine. That was my whole issue when trying other motors (somfy amongst others) they don’t fit as the tube was too narrow.

I will remember the tape trick if needed, and when everything works fine, I can always 3D print another connector when needed.

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One more question (for now :stuck_out_tongue: ), This bridge has an USB port. Does it mean I need to connect it to a USB charger in a 230V power outlet? Or does it just a separate adapter and is the USB only to connect to a computer (for firmware flashing or something)?

No, it’s just for power, firmware is checked through the app so I’m assuming the app can upload that if needed. But anyhow, for normal day to day use you don’t need to have a computer, nas or raspberry or anything running. It’s just usb powered. Any adapter lying around will do.

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Perfect, I will have some adapters lying around. Motor and bridge and remote are ordered, project for the weekend to make it work :smiley:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.

I will, and I will drop a message over here when it works

There’s also an “official” thread for the app: [APP] Motion Blinds that’s high on my watch list.

As promised, a conformation it works. And is more than strong enough for my large curtain.

When I opened the box I thought, no way this is gonna be strong enough. But it works very smoothly and seems not even close to the limit of the motor.

I’m very happy with the result now.

Needed to do the tape trick to thicken the motor parts, I think I will have some better connectors 3D printed in the near future to make it perfect

I got in touch with the manufacturer to make sure, but your blinds are indeed within specs. It’s a stong little bugger indeed :muscle: Tanks for the feedback, and have fun with it!

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