Rolling blinds / shades chain motor


I am looking for a chain motor (not a tube motor) for my rolling blinds. I found some solutions on it but i would like to know if you guys know some other options.

The ones i found: does have an Homey app, but little bit to expensive, amazon sells it for 249,- plus 92,- for shipping and import No homey app, 149,- is ok, but bluetooth…

Anyone found some other options?


I´m also very interested in this. I did find but also no Homey app available. Did you already found a solution for this?

Perhaps someone else knows a device that will work with homey?

I bought the Axis Gear. Got a ok price on ebay. Works great. Motor isn’t silent but it’s ok for me. The battery level is not working in the Homey app, or mine isn’t charging.

I’m using the Soma ones. There were a few setup issues but working well since. I’m using the Soma Connect to link it with Apple HomeKit. As far as I know they don’t link with Homey.

About Teptron, I was interested but did found this on the internet. I am still searching for a good but also cheap solution.