A CAN-bus to Homey

Is it possible to connect a CANbus connecting to homey,

Not directly, homey does not have CAN drivers nor does it have software support. You’ld need to build a hub for it (e.g. using can shield on a microcontroller board) and convert the messages to something that homey understands. Homeyduino could probably do something.

Do note however that “canbus” covers the lowest layers in the OSI model only - up to transport layer I guess. Anything above that needs to be converted on your hub to something that can be understood by homey.

You can use such a device shown in the link to connect Canbus to Homey at the lower layers. Connecting the serial bus of Canbus to Ethernet of Homey. Then you can have a look at available Modbus apps how to make an app. Looks a little bit complicated.

thanks for the info
i am trying now to have a esp32 as a hub between my homey and my canbus. i have a script that is for the connection between my homey and esp but i can’t see it on my homey hub. the esp is connected to the internet and the homey is also connected to the same internet. if i do a netscan on the homey and type in the ip adress of the esp it says that the device is offline. what could i do about it

this is the script that i used

Can you see the device on your router? If not, the device is not configured correctly (net / password error?). If you can see it and you can see homey on the same network the network connection at least works.

How did you add the device in the homeyduino app? Manual or automatic? Does the device have a fixed IP address or does it use DHCP?

i changed my internet connection and now my esp is connected with my homey

thanks for the help