6 mobile notifications each time

Hi, each time a notification is sent it is sent 6 times.
The flows used to work earlier and only 1 notification was sent but since a month or two something changed. Any ideas what i should do?

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I think you need to describe or publish your flows here to help you find out what the problem is.

Thank you!
One of the flows is really simple and used to work just fine rendering only one notification. The flow is as follows:

Phone connected to wifi

Lock is locked

Unlock lock
Send notification

Another similar flow also runs 6 times but it isnt a mobile notification.

That flow is built like this:

Specific wifi device connected

Say a sentence

Homey says the sentence six times now, not one as it used to do.

Ubiquiti unifi is the app managing the wifi connections.
The wifi and the controller is working as it aught to. I am using it in automations in Home Assistant which works just fine and only generates one notification or start of automations.

I think you have a problem with the Ubiquiti UniFi app in Homey. Maybe you could find a hint in the Debug messages in the app. Or just try to restart the Ubiquiti UniFi app.
A workaround you could try if restart of the app not solve the problem is to set a temporary disable of the flow like this:
Send push message to …
Disable Flow (this flow)
Enable Flow (this flow) Delay 2 min

This flow is the name of same flow.